• Niall Anthony

The Secret No "GURU" Sings About When Growing Your Marketing Agency

Hard Work. Seriously? Is that all you have? No not really.

Well, it does take hard work, but that's not what we are talking about here!

Why is it so many Course Creators tell growing Marketing Agencies to run their own Facebook Ads through a funnel to drive new business?

Because it's much easier than telling them the truth.

The harsh reality is, it doesn't matter if you bring in clients on autopilot, if you continually lose clients and chase your tail, your growth will be painstaking. It will feel like it's one step forwards, two steps back.

It's also the reason Agency owners don't discuss their business growth with their clients.

The goal of the agency and the goal of your client are, believe it or not, the exact same.

If you take care of your client, they will value your work. You will become a pillar of strength for their business.

As a result, they won't leave.

If they don't leave, you don't need to replace lost revenue, which means any new clients you bring in INCREASE your revenue.

This is where systems come into play.

Build a pipeline building system, with no ad spend involved. We will explain how to do that in a different blog post.

If you have a pipeline building system, you don't need to worry about where your sales calls are coming from. Which means you can focus your efforts entirely on taking care of and nurturing your existing clients.

Not only that, you will benefit from referrals.


You don't even have to hide your growth from them! They will genuinely be happy for you and will probably do their part to help additional growth.

People want to be nurtured and cared for, their business is their baby. Treat it well and they will treat you well.

Operate like a real business.

Deliver and care for your existing business, treat them like the they are the only client in the world, not a source of income.

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