All packages can be combined to build a cost-effective solution for your business.

Enterprise outreach

One of the most effective means of reaching your target customers is to message them directly. Using highly-targeted email outreach, we book meetings with these ideal clients and pass them on to your sales team.

  • We create lead lists based on the criteria we agree upon (revenue size, geographic location, employee size, vertical, etc)

  • Extensive research is done by a team of marketing experts for each company/contact

  • 25-50 customized emails sent to ideal customers each week

  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments

  • We guarantee meetings with your ideal clients, every single quarter

Linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn Marketing is an incredibly untapped resource for getting 

in front of financially qualified buyers or business owners. 

We have the capabilities to target any industry and any 

seniority within that industry in any location. From Fortune 500 

companies to start-ups, you can directly push your message.

  • Direct campaigns sent to your target market every day, focusing on exposure to the decision makers or financially qualified individuals you need to be in front of

  • Platform specific creative content

  • Lead generation campaigns to generate interest and enquiries directly from the platform

  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments

social media marketing

Strategic campaigns on social platforms like Facebook and 

Instagram can be extremely powerful if structured optimally.

With 6IX your campaigns will include:

  • Creative campaign content built exclusively for your brand by our expert design team

  • Audience analysis to directly target your consumers, including advanced audience matching using data to create very profitable audiences

  • Retargeting campaigns to nurture your prospect through to purchase or scheduling a consultation

  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments

google ads

Ranking within the top 3 search results when somebody is looking

for you is one of the most powerful strategies on the market.

When searching specific phrases on Google, the user has buying 

intent, we can ensure you are there to take full advantage.

  • Keyword Research finding the most cost-effective and profitable keywords your buyers are searching

  • Keyword Optimization taking advantage of the most profitable keywords

  • Structured campaigns to take full advantage of consumers searching for your competitors

  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments

Partnerships & Retail

Driving revenue by developing partnerships or Retail partners for your product is essential. Building additional revenue and exposure channels will support your Marketing campaign and significantly improve the results. We can facilitate the outreach and secure meetings to achieve:

  • Partnerships with related businesses to land enterprise-sized projects and benefit from consistent referrals

  • Partnerships with influencers and collaborators on Instagram, YouTube and Bloggers to boost your reach and drive revenue

  • Meetings with Retail Buyers who are willing to stock your products and provide a revenue & exposure channel

Lead Follow-up

Following up with prospects is the most important but time-consuming aspect of any lead generation system. If you do not follow-up with leads within 2 hours, there is a strong chance of losing them. Our systems can facilitate:

  • SMS lead outreach within 30 minutes of interest submission, 98% of people will open a text message, this utilizing this platform is next-level.

  • SMS follow-up if the lead does not respond for 10 days

  • Realtime human communication with every single prospect to qualify and schedule in for a sales meeting

Marketing strategy

A 30-50 Page comprehensive review outlining an actionable, step-by-step strategy that will make you millions.

  • Gathering a punch list for marketing assets and URLs

  • Review of analytics data (as far back as it goes) to find lead generation opportunities

  • Recommendations for areas of improvement

  • Listing of at least 30 potential partners and contact information

  • Review of current web language and positioning (for use in writing profiles and cold email campaigns)

  • Review of current lead generation channels and recommendations for new channels to pursue (SEO, directories, meetups, partnerships, podcasts)

  • Email scripts for anywhere a cold email is recommended

  • Interviews with 3 clients to better grasp what makes your business unique – these takeaways will be used to improve messaging for both cold emails and directory profiles

  • 30/60/90-day marketing plan with a heavy focus on ROI

  • Recommendations for new directories to pursue

  • List of 10 conferences to attend

  • List of best sales practices for booking at least 10 meetings per day

  • Review of lead qualification process (from contact form to meeting booked)

  • Current & Past client actions: recommendations for how to improve ROI from current clients – cold email template and action items for referrals

  • Recommendations for a Remarketing/PPC campaign

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